Standard Poodles of Distinction


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Moonstone Poodles has a longstanding reputation for producing the very best in high quality poodles.  We have a commitment to the breed, to it’s stewardship, and to maintaining the highest standards in the dog we send into your home.

We are very proud that many Moonstone Poodles have found their places in life as personal assistance or other forms of SERVICE DOGS.   We are equally proud of our family companion poodles, and the capacity for unconditional love they bring with them.

In addition to well trained service and family dogs, Moonstone Poodles has also proudly bred many fabulous Obedience, Agility, and AKC Champion Show dogs.  We have been especially blessed with a line of dogs that has an exceptional knack for AGILITY.

Our dogs also include fabulous SHOW champions, and while our focus is more on performance, service, and superior pets these days, we still like our dogs to be able to compete successfully in the AKC breed ring, so do inquire if that is your goal!

We believe that even a poodle whose sole purpose is to be a once in a lifetime, dedicated family PET should look like he or she COULD have been a show champion! 

Careful, professional selection and placement assures both you as the new poodle parent, and ourselves as proud breeders, that your Moonstone Poodle is of sound mind and body and is the right dog for your needs.

RARE AVAILABILITY:  ADULT MALE AVAILABLE!  Young adult Rocky son we no longer need for breeding as we have two Rocky daughters now.  “Ace” is 3 years old, a taller, gorgeous blue who absolutely loves people, walks, car rides and snuggles.  Call or Text KIM at 503-730-5992

Contact us today to inquire about possibilities in all things poodle!



Sky: Manchester Trial Day #2 16-Apr-17
Courtesy of: Stephen Estrop